Forest Shadow Dinner Bowl

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This dinner bowl is a great way to simplify any mealtime.  The perfect dining "must have" for anything from soups to left-overs. We hear it holds a nice pyramid of biscuits, too. 

For those who appreciate the interplay of light and color, Forest Shadow offers a dramatic depth of intrigue... and we love how the multi-glaze process features our signature colors such as cinnamon, cedar, and marley.

Each piece of this durable stoneware will have variations in presentation while lending itself to both kitchen and tabletop functionality.  

    • Measures approximately 9" in diameter and 2" deep
    • Multi-glazed stoneware
    • Dishwasher and microwave safe
    • Made in Portugal with Recycled Clay

Easy Care Instructions:  Clean with dish soap and warm water using a soft scrub pad or simply rinse food particles away and place in dishwasher.