Amy B Kinser Home


My name, Amy B Kinser, is very important to me because of who it represents.  Let me explain.  When someone hears my name, I want them to think of someone they can trust. Someone they could be friends with.  Someone who cares.  Mostly, someone who has a strong faith in the Master Artist, Jesus Christ. For something to have my name on it, it must be something that I trust and believe in and can soundly endorse. 

The Amy B Kinser Home Collection represents items that I love and consider as beautiful and have curated with all of you in mind.  Each item that holds my name would most assuredly find a special spot in our home and I hope yours as well. 

I have always loved pieces that are beautiful and functional, and with my collection, that is what you will be getting.  From using the linen napkins and towels in your working kitchen, to serving your family a special dessert out of the ruffled handmade pottery dishes, I believe each piece will become a staple in your home. 

My hope would be that as you see beauty and value in each piece from my collection, you would realize that God sees beauty and value in you beyond your wildest imagination. 

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