The Noisy Forest Story


Linen fabric, with its connectedness to the earth, is reminiscent of days when textiles were utilized and not just put away for special occasions.  As part of the maker community, I believe in authenticity and natural beauty which is why I design linen goods to allow the fabric’s beautiful texture convey what’s in our hearts… and to experience this appreciation each day.  

As a maker/sewist raised in New York with my mother, aunts and grandmothers who all crafted clothing (out of need), I was destined to learn sewing as a child. I started Noisy Forest with a passion for constructing practical linen goods created in a way that respect humanity and the environment.  I’m an avid believer that we can all shift to more thoughtful ways in endorsing sustainability as we move towards “slow fashion" and purposeful buying. 

So, about the name "Noisy Forest" you might ask?  It's about stories filled with warmth, intention and love.  My Lithuanian great grandparents shared about being peasant farmers near heavily wooded pastures.  Like most immigrants in the early 1900s, they came to America with nothing and felt pretty blessed for what little they attained. My grandparents became dairy farmers (and bee keepers) surrounded by beautiful sweeping pines. And, even my artist father has a fondness for illustrating scenes with trees.  With all these meaningful memories - it just felt like the "Noisy Forest" was telling me its name.  

In the studio, my production methods help eliminate waste such as purchasing "seasonless" colors and dead stock linen that would normally wind up on the cutting room floor in a larger production house. You will come to know that I’m passionate about reducing waste and will leave the preachy stuff about what others can do to help our planet to those who are experts about environmental issues. 

Noisy Forest is a story that continues to move forward, adopting smarter processes as we grow while continuing to offer you high quality products made with integrity.  Admittedly, I can always do better - and I want to keep an open mind (and heart) to build your trust in this marketplace.  

🐝♥️🌻 Brenda